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Track Safety


1. All cars in all divisions must pass safety inspection to race!


2. All drivers must wear an approved helmet. It is recommended that helmet meet the specifications set forth in Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard Regulations or American National Standards Institute, Inc.


3. It is mandatory that drivers in all divisions wear a fire resistant driving suit. THIS SUIT MUST BE WORN AT ALL PRACTICE SESSIONS (pre-race or weekly) AND AT ALL RACE EVENTS. Fire resistant gloves are also recommended.


4. No passengers are allowed in or on a race car when the car is on the track or pits.


5. A full containment seat is highly recommended.


6. Medical Release: Any driver who has been injured, hospitalized for treatment, undergone surgery, or has been fitted by a physician with a cast, brace or prosthesis, or who suffers from a chronic or progressive debilitating illness, may be required to present certification from the treating physician, stating that participation as a driver will not exacerbate any medical condition or complicate the process of normal healing.


Wartburg Speedway further reserves the right to require such certification in case of pregnant women wishing to participate in racing activities. In any such case, Wartburg Speedway reserves the right to decline the entry of any individual whose participation as a driver might endanger their own health or safety, or the health or safety of the other drivers, participants or spectators.


7. All seat belts must be no more than three (3) years old.


8. It is recommended that the area that extends from the top of the frame to the top door bar between the main roll bar and the front roll bar leg on the driver's side be covered with a 1/8" magnetic steel plate. The plate if used must be welded to the top door bar and the top of the frame rail.


9. Head and neck restraint systems are HIGHLY recommended.

10.Any driver that has Gloves, window net and neck brace will get a 25 lb break.

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