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 Mod Mini 

 Protest Procedures

A) Any driver or car owner who wishes to protest a car may do so as long as the protester’s car
finishes in the top 5 of the feature and the car being protested finished above them.

B) Only the registered car owner or registered driver may make a protest, no crew, wives, friends,
kids, etc....

Pull Valve Cover-$50 (Track keeps $25)

Pull Head - $200 (track keeps $100)

Pull Intake &  Carb -$50 (track keeps $25)

Pull Oil Pan - $150 (track keeps $50)

Must have money in hand at scales




- No Aluminum heads unless it comes from factory that way.

- Any non after market OEM production head will receive a      40 lb weight break.

- Any after market steel head add 50 lbs

- Weight

  1 lb per cc minimum 2050 lbs


  max 500 cfm.



-Any flywheel and clutch. No direct or ram coupler.

-Must retain factory frame; tube frame permitted only if they are *1- No further rearward than mounting locations of front strut towers, All mounting locations must remain stock.

* 2-No further forward than mounting locations of rear shock mounts. All mounting locations must remain stock. 

- Roll cage 

  4 point minimum with 3 driver door bars.

- Wheels 

  Maximum 10- inch steel wheel only. Any 8-inch tire

on 8 inch 13-inch rims - 20 lbs weight break per wheel.

-Spoiler maximum 8 inch permitted. Sides must match. 

- Fuel Pump

  Electric or mechanical.


  1 per wheel. No canister shocks.  Shocks must retain stock angle in order to be able to run different shocks.

The shock mount can be moved up for shock travel as long as the angle is not modified.


  Gasoline or racing fuel only. 


















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