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3200 lbs



American made rear wheel drive only.

May run Sheet metal / Stock body , no excessive hulling allowed.

Must have Factory Top

Must retain OEM front fire wall and complete floor pans. Trunk and rear fender wells may be removed.

OEM spoilers are allowed. Aftermarket or fabricated spoilers must not exceed 6 inches in height.



Stock – no jack bolts, Adjustment cups ok. no three links, no adjustable links, no coil over                                              Rear control arms must remain stock.

Standard steering box and steering linkage.

Coil springs minimum 5" coils.

Shocks must be stock type.

Chevrolet can run ford 9 inch. 

May run Tubular upper; non adjustable, stock type ball joints in stock location


Roll cage – Must be minimum of 1 1\2" OD tubing .095" thick.

Must have a minimum of 3 driver door bars and 2 passenger door bars.

Must have support bars behind driver. Must be welded to frame.


OEM brake system must be used. May run after market single cylinder.

Rear disc brakes are allowed but must  be original equipment. No after market parts including calipers, rotors and pads, etc. are allowed.

Wheel Base – 108" minimum.

Wheels – Steel 8" maximum width. Bead locks allowed right side only. 1" lugs nuts mandatory.

Racing fuel cell                                                         Mandatory. Enclosed in steel can, with minimum of two 2" wide steel straps.

Fuel                                                                              Gasoline or Racing Fuel only. No E-85 gas



Open Wheels Tires

May run bead locks anywhere on car.


Driveshaft – Any steel type, must be painted white with car # on it. Safety loop mandatory.

Rear end – May run big 10. May run Regular 4-9 inch floater but add 50 lbs.

Transmission – Stock automatic transmission with working converter.  If you have a dust cover it must have a hole for inspection.

Maximum engine set back – stock location for make and model.

Three steel vertical bars mounted in windshield opening in front of driver.


Racing seat mandatory.

Four point harness mandatory.

Fire extinguisher mandatory. Must be in working order and attached in car.

Battery must be securely mounted in a box or case. If battery is inside car it must have a cover.

Add on weights must be painted white with car # on them and securely bolted to car.

Window net recommended.

Must have tow hooks front and rear.



Crank must be minimum 48 lbs.

362 cubic inch

No super chargers, turbo, etc.

Fuel system and carburetors - stock type fuel injection is ok but must be stock.

Holley two barrels, Holley vacuum secondary carburetors are ok.

Exhaust - Stock manifold. Headers are ok.

Cams - Any flat tappet.

Intake - must run a dual plane intake only with no modifications. Stranded design (no air gaps or torks) 

Ignition – Stock type HEI.


No race type heads of any kind.

S/R heads are ok.

May run stock replacements.

All heads must be steel.

No angled plug heads.

No port and polish.

Stock diameter valve springs only.

Stock stroke and bore (070 over bore ok) stock length rods. 

No light weight rods or No billet rods.

No H beam rods.                                            I beams rods or stock replacement rods.

Crank 48lbs. No cutting on crank .Cast steel only, no forged.

Flat top or dish pistons only.

Floating or pressed pin rod ok.

No lightning, knife edging. Balancing ok only

May run up to a 1 inch carburetor spacer

Valve Sizes



Ford(Boss or 35im35ic)-2.19/1.72



Any OEM FORD head allowed.

Boss or 4-barrell Cleveland heads must add 100 pounds.


Track reserves the right to adjust these rules at any time to promote fairness of competition.


Protest Rules


Pull Valve Cover - $50 (track keeps $25)

Pull Head, Intake, Carb and check Bore & Stroke - $300 (track Keeps $100)

Check bottom end - $400 (track Keeps $100)

Shock buy rule- $70 a piece- only winner can be bought after race coming across scales

If protesting the whole engine and anything is found illegal on top end then protest ends and will be only charged for the top end.

Any car in any division that wins 3 total events will be impounded by track officials. Track reserves the right to inspect tires, wheels, body, engine and anything deemed necessary to promote fairness.


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