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2400 lbs. ANY TIME - Max. 362 Cubic inch or 604 Crate

2300 lbs. ANY TIME - 602 Crate engine

604-2350 lbs. sealed

50lb weight break for 5year or older chassis.


Open front.

American Racer 56 or Hoosier 4 or 1600 right rear.

Right rear tire must punch 58.

May run Hoosier 3 or 1350 or American Racer 48 on Left Rear.

Crate can run Hoosier 1350, D21, American Racer 48


No chemical treating of tires. Track will take rubber samples at random.


All Lucas Oil Late Model body rules apply.

Minimum wheelbase 103".

Maximum spoiler height is 8".

Non Adjustable gas shocks ok.

(Shock buy rule $200.00 per shock no coil over kit)

Engine Set-back 6 inches plus/minus 1 inch.

Racing Fuel Cell – with minimum of two 2' wide steel straps.

Fuel – Gasoline or E-85 only. No Alcohol, Nitrous Oxide, or any other type of fuel.


Wheels – 14" aluminum or steel wheels.

Transmission – Open.

Rear End – Open.




Maximum 362 cubic inch.

OEM or aftermarket blocks. Aftermarket blocks must have standard cam location and OEM cam journal size. Max bore is 4.070".


Crank must be minimum 48 lbs. including crank gear. 3.480" stroke crankshaft ONLY with rod journal minimum diameter of 2.100". Cranks may be turned up to .030" for crank repair.

6 inch max. I beam rods only.


Flat top pistons only with 927" minimum wrist pin diameter.  Must have rings in minimum 3 grooves.

Small block Chevy aftermarket standard runner steel heads must be 23 degree design heads. No raised runner heads. No aluminum heads. No porting, polishing, shot blasting, or acid etching allowed. No exceptions. Heads must be 23 degrees with 1 degree tolerance. May be flat cut. No angle cutting allowed.


OEM heads may be ported and angle cut.

Steel valves only. Maximum 2.020" intake, 1.600" exhaust. 11/32" minimum stem diameter.

Stud girdles allowed. No shaft mounted rockers.

Flat tappet cams only. No ceramic lifters.

Stock firing order cams only.

.842" lifter bore size only.

No raised cams, O.E.M. journal size only.

No external oil pumps.

No aluminum oil pans.

My run fuel pump and power steering on rear.

Any Intakes but no porting and polishing.

One 4150 series carburetor only.

MSD boxes and distributors (ok)

No Tri-Y headers.





GM 602 Crate - 2300lbs. ANY TIME – May run an AR 48 or Hoosier 1350 tire on the left rear only.

GM 604 Crate - 2400lbs. ANY TIME


Factory seal is not required but must have all GM specs including cam, bore, stroke, heads, rocker arms, etc. Protested engines will be impounded and checked using any and all resources available to the track. Track reserves the right to impound crate engines for further inspection at any time.



Track reserves the right to adjust these rules at any time to promote fairness of competition.


For Protest Rules – Refer to General Rules


Any car in any division that wins 3 total events will be impounded by track officials. Track reserves the right to inspect tires, wheels, body, engine and anything deemed necessary to promote fairness.

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