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Super Street



1. American rear wheel drive only.

2. Steel or aluminum stock style bodies.

3. Must look like car you are claiming.

4. Minimum wheel base 108 inches.

5. Car must have stock floor pan under the driver's seat.

6. Firewall may be cut to a minimum for clearance purposes.

7. All glass and plastics must be removed.

8. Must have legible numbers on both sides.

9. 6 inch spoiler no wider than deck lid.

10. Must have tow hooks front and rear.


Roll Cage

1. Must have full roll cage with six points welded to frame.

2. Must have at least three driver side door bars and at least three bars in passenger door.

3. Must have support cross bar behind the driver for proper positioning of the seat belt harness.



1.  No gas shocks unless they are stock look a like. racing shocks ok shocks must be mounted within 6 inches of original position.

2. One shock per wheel.

3. Stock appearing springs front and rear (coil or leaf) five inch minimum coil.

4. Leaf springs may run sliders.

5. May run adjustable spring buckets or weight jacks.

6. No coil over or may run coil over eliminators with quick change and add 50 pounds.

7. May run aftermarket front upper control arm in original OEM position. Front lower control arms must be stock or stock replacement mounted in
original OEM position. +/- 1/2" upper arms.

11. No schrader valves, external reservoirs

12.Unibody car may have box tube from end of factory frame to back of car. Tie mounting points for 3 link and whatever rear the racer chooses to run.

13.May run coil over eliminators.

14.Bars on rear must have one mounting hole only.

15.Top link must be solid bar. All frame modifications must be square tubing or box tubing. No round tube late model rear clips allowed.



1. Automatic or straight shift.

2. Automatic must have working converter. 100lbs weight brake for automatic

3. Bert or Brinn ok.

4. Straight shifts ok.

5. Mini clutch ok.


Rear End

1. Any O.E.M.

2. May run quick-change – add 100 lbs. Wide five hubs OK

3. Disc brakes OK.

4. Must have steel calipers.

5. Panhard bar OK. Top link must be solid. J-bars ok, no pull, or lift bars. Must add 100 lbs. for 3 link suspension.

6. Rear control arms may be bars with heims. May be adjustable in length only. May not have multiple mounting positions. Rods must be straight
with no secondary movement possible, ie…. no spring rods, etc……


Stock Fuel

1. Gas or Racing Fuel only 

2. Fuel cell mandatory with at least (2) 2" by "1/8" steel straps.

3. No electrical fuel pumps.



Minimum of 2800 lbs.



14"-inch-wide maximum width on any wheel. Bead locks OK. Aluminum wheels add ok.



Unibody with box tubing must run a 56  or 1600 on right rear.

The Non unibody cars can run 1350 or crate 21 on right rear.

Open tires on front.

American Racer 56 or Hoosier 4 or 1600, LM 40, D55 on rear must check 50 hot.

American Racer 48 or 56 or Hoosier 3 or 4 or 1350 or 1600 on Left Rear.



No LS engines

No Aluminum head

362 cubic inch maximum.

1. Headers allowed.

2. Any intake. No porting.

3. Any carburetor.

4. OEM cylinder heads may be ported/polished and angle milled. May run open intake if you run OEM heads with casting numbers. After market heads OEM degree for engine +\- 1/2 degree. Must be cast from manufacturer. No port and polish. No raised runner heads.  If you have questions please ask Wartburg
Speedway officials.

A. No modifications. No exceptions. No port, polish or deburing. May be flat cut. Must be 23 degrees with ½ degree tolerance.

B. May be cut for screw in studs and guide plates.

C. Stainless steel valves allowed.

D. No titanium valves allowed.

E. May run roller rockers and stud girdle.

F. May run larger diameter than stock valve springs.

G. Max 2.02 intake valves and 1.6 exhaust valves.

H. ARP head bolts OK.

5. Any flat tappet cam allowed. No roller cams. No mushroom lifters.

6. Flat top pistons only. Zero deck minimum. Must have rings in minimum 3 grooves. No gas ports allowed.

7. Crank must be minimum 48 lbs. including crank gear. Stock stroke crankshaft ONLY with rod journal minimum diameter of 2.100". Cranks may be turned up to .030" for crank repair.

8. Steel rods only.

9. OEM cast iron blocks only.

A. No bowtie or aftermarket blocks allowed.

B. May over bore and use ARP main bolts and oil screens.

C. Decking of block surface allowed.

D. No part of the piston may protrude above the deck of the block.

E. May run aftermarket oil pans. Steel pans only.

F. Stock style oil pump.

G. OEM Heads are open

H. Stock location no.1 spark plug must line up with ball joint.


Rules may be adjusted for the fairness of competition at any time by management.


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