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This is a rear wheel drive only division (no tube cars allowed)


Rear wheel drive must be stock. Jack bolts are allowed but must be approved by tech before race.


Wheels/Tires: 13X8 inch steel rims only – 13 inch tires only.


OEM Intake may be modified for carburetor. May run a 2" spacer or adaptor. Two barrel only.



Any may tie together may clip in front of struts and behind rear shocks.

No Wedge Type Nose, Enclosed Rear End 

Weight 2000 min.


Jack bolts ok

Caster Camber Plates ok

May run Racing Springs

Shocks- No coil overs

Must have stock rear uppers and lowers and lower control arms

No pan hard bar

Pintos may relocate front shocks for jack bolts only

Shocks need to be within stock location


No Aftermarket

450 solid lift only any hydraulic cam

stock size valves

flat and angle milling allowed

Stock type

No port and polishing

450 will be checked at valve at zero lash

No titanium valves

No 7mm valves

Any valve springs


No more than .080" bored

Stock rod 5.2

Rod must remain stock length and journal add 50 pounds

2.3 may run after markets rods must remain stock length and journal add 50 lbs.

2.5 stock rod may run after market add 50 lbs- must remain stock length

May run 5/7 rods must remain stock stroke add 50 pounds

No lightening cranks

No after market blocks

Any Piston 3 rings

2.3 - 2300 lbs bore

2.5 -2500 lbs plus bore

Toyota 2.35 dome 3 rings


stock type racing may run puck


MSD Allowed stock type distributor

No crank triggers




13x8 only

Motor can not be set back no further than #1 ball joint


Weight: 1 pound per CC including overbore.


Bore & stroke examples:




2000  3.520 x 3.126

2300  3.780 x 3.126

2500  30780 x 3.401


2300cc + .030 overbore = 2336 pounds.

2300cc + .040 overbore = 2348 pounds.

2300cc + .060 overbore = 2373 pounds.


Fuel: Gasoline or Racing

May run a 6 inch spoiler


Aftermarket bodies ok


Protest Rules


Pull Valve Cover - $50 (track keeps $25)

Pull Head - $200 (track keeps $100)

Pull Intake & Carb - $50 (track Keeps $25)

Pull Oil Pan - $150 (track Keeps $50)


Any car in any division that wins 3 total events will be impounded by track officials. Track reserves the right to inspect tires, wheels, body, engine and anything deemed necessary to promote fairness.


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